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Delivery Methods

Project Delivery

Lease-Leaseback Projects

Byrom-Davey, Inc. has been actively involved with Lease-Leaseback Project Deliveries in California.

Lease-leaseback projects are constructed by the provisions in Education Code Section 17406, which authorizes school districts, without advertising for bids, to lease property currently owned by a school district to any person, firm, or corporation for a minimum of $1 per year as long as the lease requires the other party to construct a building or structures upon the property and that title to the property and the buildings are returned to the school district at the end of the lease.

A Guaranteed Maximum Price is established by the team to have the contractor move forward on the project.

This delivery method for construction has been a proven method to deliver school facilities on time, scope and budget, and with a reduced level of public agency risk associated with design issues, delays and costs overruns.


Under this delivery method, the owner selects the architect and contractor as a team rather than making two separate selections. Proponents of this delivery method believe that it provides an assurance that the architect and contractor will work well together (since they chose to partner with each other). In many ways, this delivery method is similar to a CM At-Risk contract after the selection is made.


Construction Management at Risk (CM At-Risk, CMAR, CM/GC):

Under this delivery method, the contractor is usually selected based on their qualifications alone (although the contractor’s fee may be part of the consideration). The contractor may be selected before, at the same time as, or after the architect is selected. The contractor is usually heavily involved in the design process, working with the owner and architect to create the best possible project for the owner within their budget. Proponents of this delivery method believe that this collaboration helps the owner to get the best possible value for their dollar and reduces the owner’s risk. Under the CM At-Risk delivery method, the general contractor holds the subcontractor contracts and works under a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) that is established once construction documents are completed.

Construction Management at Risk

Competitive Bid (Design/Bid/Build):

In this method an architect is hired and completes the design process without the involvement of the contractor. When the construction documents are completed, the project is made available (advertised) for contractors to bid on. Contractors provide bids based on the total cost to complete the project and the selection of the contractor is based on price alone.

Competitve Bid