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Byrom-Davey, Inc. has experienced team members that carry out the initial task and activities required at the beginning of any project. We do the following. Project Evaluation:

  •  Create project program identifying your needs and expectations
  •  Finalize conceptual size, appearance and material quality of building
  •  Finalize project team members including design consultants and inspectors

Byrom-Davey, Inc. looks to confirm that the site will conform to the requirements of the project without excessive cost or future surprises.

  •  Create overall site master plan – confirm parking, traffic circulation and landscaping
  •  Review soils analysis with consultants – ensure foundation design is adequate
  •  Evaluate existing infrastructure capacity, location and proposed truck hauling routes

Assistance with Agencies:
Byrom-Davey, Inc. relationships and experience will bring valuable assistance to meeting these requirements.

  •  Permitting including site plan approvals and building permits
  •  Tie in and connection permits with utility providers

Value Engineering:
Byrom-Davey, Inc. to determine if the scope of the work conforms to the budget, and suggest areas for cost savings based on our past experience

  •  Prepare detailed conceptual project estimate utilizing Timberline estimating systems
  •  Analyze conceptual estimate vs. budget requirements
  •  Provide alternative solutions including cost, schedule and quality impact

Constructability Review:
Byrom-Davey, Inc. to make sure that what is being designed is reflected accurately in the plans. We also take the opportunity to simplify and clarify details consistent with industry practice so bidders don’t fill their bids with high priced contingencies

  •  Review design documents for inaccuracies, oversights and thoroughness
  •  Evaluate proposed materials, systems and product delivery
  •  Target areas of concern
  •  Solicit subcontractors and supplier input
  •  Provide alternative solutions
  •  Obtain team consensus

Cost Control:
Byrom-Davey, Inc. takes a final look at scope and cost to make sure that we are on budget prior to finalizing design.

  •  Refine conceptual estimating / cost models
  •  Develop GMP or lump sum project cost
  •  Review in detail the cost estimate with design team and executives
  •  Solicit subcontractor input relative to market conditions
  •  Prepare final project cost estimate

Byrom-Davey, Inc. will schedule the entire project, start to finish. By identifying key milestones, we will be able to drive towards project completion in an organized and predetermined manner.

  •  Define all design and construction activities including approval milestones
  •  Prepare preliminary and final CPM schedules using Primavera software
  •  Develop project sequencing plan
  •  Solicit subcontractor input

Procurement Management:
Byrom-Davey, Inc. will eliminate senseless delays by directly procuring long lead items and storing them until needed at the site.

  •  Identify long-lead delivery materials and equipment
  •  Pre-qualify equipment and material vendors
  •  Solicit proposals and award purchase orders where schedule dictates
  •  Coordinate equipment package submittals
  •  Verify and expedite fabrication and delivery

Bid Packaging:
Byrom-Davey, Inc. process is focused on getting complete bids at competitive prices. We will be able to eliminate change orders by closing loop holes during the bidding phase. In addition, we have the ability to self-perform many trades of work from internal resources.

  •  Develop comprehensive bid packages for each trade
  •  Hold prequalification subcontractor interviews
  •  Select 3-4 qualified bidders
  •  Distribute bidding documents and receive proposals
  •  Perform a detailed analysis to develop a baseline for comparison
  •  Include owner and architect in evaluation process
  •  Award subcontracts to selected firms

Byrom-Davey, Inc. has a safety program that has resulted into keeping a MOD rate of 0.68 and below consistently over the 14 years of business. You will have the peace-of-mind that the safety of every worker on the site is being considered, enforced and managed.

  •  Verify compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  •  Provide project specific safety plan
  •  Communicate safety plan to subcontractors and site visitors
  •  Provide constant safety monitoring to ensure best practices