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D.I.R. Number: 1000000392

Contractor License Number: 803447


General Engineering Contractor:

The principle business is in connection with fixed works requiring specialized knowledge and skill.


General Building Contractor:

The principle business is in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built, requiring in its construction the use of at least two unrelated building trades or crafts.



A concrete contractor forms, pours, places, finishes and installs specified mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work; and places and sets screeds for pavements or flatwork.


Earthwork & Paving:

excavation, grade, trench, backfill, or tunnel. This classification includes the mixing, fabricating and placing of paving and any other surfacing materials


Limited Specialty Classification:

A Limited specialty is a specialty contractor classification limited to a field and scope of operations.


Synthetic Products:

A synthetic products contractor installs:

Synthetic Turf

PVC piping systems for irrigation and drainage; and subsurface irrigation drip systems.


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“I am so happy with the quality of work and effort the contractor’s crews are putting into our project. They have been working so hard to make sure our field is going to look the best and be ready for us on time.”

John Murphy

Athletic Director, Point Loma HS


"Byrom-Davey delivered first class service every step of the way. From the inception... to the sensational culmination of a grand 'reopening' ceremony that will go down in Burbank history as one of the most memorable events in our community. "

Burbank Unified School District

"we received excellent communication and customer service, a project that met and exceeded all timelines, and a project manager and company that went above and beyond for us as a customer."


“...with a background of 15 years in public works construction, I have never before had the pleasure of working with a contractor that was as diligent, conscientious and committed as I have in working with Byrom-Davey...”


“...with a background of 15 years in public works construction, I have never before had the pleasure of working with a contractor that was as diligent, conscientious and committed as I have in working with Byrom-Davey...”







Satisfied clients



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Byrom-Davey's Business Approach

Byrom-Davey, Inc. recommends an approach and methodology for each project by beginning with being selected as the General Contractor, and then confirming the scope, timing and budget for what is to be performed. In the confirmation process, a series of initial meetings with the entire team of professionals, consultants, BDI’s team and the customer’s team, to review and accept the constructability review comments, logistics of phasing within the project to accomplish the best schedule and sequence of construction understood by every team member and receive any recommendations from the entire team.

We will partner with our field design consultants and our in-house design team to establish a more precise design intent and concise budget numbers acceptable to the customer.

Our first priority is to analyze and utilize the existing and new proposed site improvements. We look for savings through excellent and specific design using our expertise in the field industry. We task out the survey and provide design assist to the design professionals to more accurately design the field parameters and physical attributes for the project and make sure the options and program will work. We continue to update the budget estimate based upon these scenarios until the customer is satisfied with time, scope and budget.

We establish weekly meetings for the project to occur onsite at the construction trailer and define a series of meeting times with various disciplines and/or one specific time for the meeting with the entire team. We work to include only those team members needed each week for participation. At these meetings our Superintendents, Project Manager and Project Engineer will administer the 3 Week Look Ahead Schedule showing immediate task and activities occurring on the job along with Critical Path and Milestone conversations to advance the project. Material Product Submittals as needed and Billing, SWPPP monitoring and Updated Schedule reports on a monthly basis. Daily Reports will be issued to the Owner and team members assigned.

Any items or conditions that are not per contract documents and agreement and are considered a potential change order will be served up to the owner first with explanation, backup and a recommended resolution whether it be for a credit or add scenario. These activities will be done in a timely manner usually within 48 hours or less.

Byrom-Davey, Inc. will work to coordinate with other disciplines or entities that are providing scope to the project that is not in ours, but is part of the overall success of the project. We will work to close any “gray areas” not captured by Owner assignment or design professional documentation by meeting with those entities up front as part of the initial conversations and review. We will give consideration for phasing and logistics to those who have work outside of our contract and communication to insure timely delivery and protection of their work product.

In the event there are any cost saving measures beyond pre-construction, we can undertake or serve up during construction, Byrom-Davey, Inc. will report immediately those findings or discovery so that the owner may take advantage of the value add.

We would also review and submit as-built conditions on a monthly basis so that it doesn’t wait until the end of the project and information is lost or not properly recorded. This will be an activity with the Design Professionals to incorporate changes on a frequent basis.

Byrom-Davey, Inc. conducts weekly safety meetings amongst its internal staff and external consultants. In addition a Bi-Monthly meetings are conducted with our superintendents, project manager and project engineer insure performance and delivery.


Steve Davey and Joe Byrom started Byrom-Davey, Inc. in 2001 with the intent on constructing athletic facilities. Steve Davey and Joe Byrom wanted to strive to be the best in the business along with keeping integrity, honesty and service. Every project is important and every client is important that is why after almost 18 years Byrom-Davey, Inc. has constructed almost 400+ tracks, fields, Complete stadiums and facilities.

Through the years Byrom-Davey, Inc. has grown steadily without losing any of the original ideals set into place back in 2001. This growth was not without some challenges and personal setbacks everyone endures in life. Back in 2007 Joe Byrom passed away fighting a strong battle with cancer, with that loss the company moved forward knowing he would always be there in spirit. The tough economy in 2007 through 2012 also made it tough for everyone and the loss of Tyler Davey in 2014 at 21 whom is now Byrom-Davey, Inc. honorary President.

Keeping to the values set forth Byrom-Davey, Inc. endured the challenges and has become stronger than ever and is considered by many the most honest and integrity driven construction company in the United States.

Moving from the history to the future of Byrom-Davey, Inc. there are many new goals set in place to make any future client feel that by going with Byrom-Davey, Inc. they will be assured that their project will be done on time, within budget and have a great experience while building the project.


New St. John Bosco High School Football Stadium

CAL POLY SLO New Football & Track Sports Facilities

Byrom-Davey, Inc. - Cal State LA Track & Field Project 2017

Pan Pacific Recreation Park Athletic Fields (City of Los Angeles Park & Recreations)

Byrom-Davey - Caltech University Baseball & Soccer Field Improvements

Byrom-Davey, Inc. - Whittier College Track & Field Improvements 2017

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